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Rooftop Rendezvous: Unwind With A Drink At Ho Chi Minh’s Top 5 Rooftop Bars

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Hey there to all you naughty and nice gents! Are you planning a trip to Ho Chi Minh City and looking for the perfect spot to unwind after a long day of exploring awesome best bar girl scene? Perhaps you have brought the Mrs and she deserves a treat and putting up with all your $!@$ for a year hehe, or even better still you have bagged yourself a hot date and with a beautiful Vietnamese babe and would like to take her somewhere special…

Well, look no further than the top five rooftop bars in town. These hidden gems offer stunning views of the city skyline while you enjoy a refreshing drink and soak up the atmosphere.

There’s something magical about sipping on a cocktail or cold beer with an unobstructed view of the hustle and bustle below. The feeling of freedom is palpable as you escape from the chaos and noise of street level life.

So, let me guide you through my personal favorite rooftop bars in Saigon where you can kick back, relax, and take it all in – because sometimes all we need is a little bit of altitude to gain some perspective.

Zion Sky Lounge & Dining

Zion Sky Lounge Dining Best Rooftop Bar In Saigon

Did you know that Ho Chi Minh City is home to some of the most stunning rooftop bars in Vietnam? Among them, Zion Sky Lounge & Dining stands out as one of the best spots for an unforgettable night.

Located at 87A Ham Nghi street, this sky bar offers breathtaking views of the city skyline and a scrumptious menu that caters to all tastes. If you’re looking for a place to unwind with your friends or loved ones after work, Zion is definitely worth checking out.

The ambience here is cozy and inviting, with soft lighting and comfortable seating arrangements that make it easy to relax and enjoy yourself. And let’s not forget about the drinks! From classic cocktails to signature creations, Zion has something for everyone.

One thing that sets Zion apart from other rooftop bars in Saigon is its live music schedule. Whether you’re into jazz, blues or pop, there’s always something exciting happening here. You can even watch big-name artists perform on their Facebook page if you can’t make it in person.

It’s no wonder why expats and locals alike flock to this spot during happy hour! But perhaps the biggest draw of Zion Sky Lounge & Dining is its view(s). As soon as you step onto the terrace, you’ll be greeted by a panoramic vista of Ho Chi Minh City that will take your breath away.

After dark, when the lights come on across the cityscape, it’s truly magical. So why wait? Head over to Zion today and experience one of the best rooftop bars in town!

Chill Skybar Saigon

Chill Sky Bar Best Rooftop Bar In Saigon

After my experience at Zion Sky Lounge & Dining, I was craving for more rooftop bars in Saigon. And that’s when I stumbled upon Chill Skybar Saigon – one of the best rooftop bars in Ho Chi Minh City!

With its breathtaking views and a lively atmosphere, this place is perfect to unwind with your friends or even on a romantic date. As soon as you step into Chill Skybar Saigon, you’ll be greeted by an affluent ambience and top-notch service. The dress code here is sophisticated casual, so make sure to put on your best outfit before heading out.

Once inside, head straight up to the 26th-27th floor of AB Tower where the bar is located. From there, take in the stunning panoramic view of the city while sipping on some delicious cocktails! The drinks menu at Chill Skybar Saigon is extensive and offers something for everyone.

Whether you’re in the mood for classic cocktails like Mojitos or prefer something more exotic like their signature ‘Chill Out’ cocktail – a blend of vodka, lychee liqueur and cranberry juice – they’ve got it all covered! Plus, if you’re feeling peckish after a few drinks, their small bites menu has some scrumptious options too.

Overall, Chill Skybar Saigon is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a fun night out in Ho Chi Minh City. It’s not just about great drinks though; with its unbeatable views and upbeat vibe, this place will leave you wanting more. Trust me; once you visit this incredible sky bar, it’ll become one of your favorite spots in town!

Glow Rooftop Lounge

Glow Skybar Best Rooftop Bar In Ho Chi Minh City

As I walked up the stairs to Glow Rooftop Lounge, my heart was pounding with anticipation. After all, it’s one of the best rooftop bars in Ho Chi Minh City for a reason!

As I reached the top, I was greeted by the stunning panoramic view of Saigon that stretched out before me. It took my breath away!

The lounge itself is beyond chic and has such a cool vibe to it. The black and white decor adds an air of sophistication, while the beach-style atmosphere makes you feel like you’re on vacation even though you’re smack in the middle of bustling District 1. And let’s not forget about their signature cocktails – they are simply divine! My personal favorite was Xin Chao Vietnam.

If you want to hit this sky bar during happy hour, make sure to get there between 5-8 pm when drinks are half off. But trust me, even if you miss happy hour prices, it’s worth every penny spent here.

Whether you’re coming here to celebrate a special occasion or just want to unwind after a long day at work, Glow Rooftop Lounge is hands down one of the best places to drink in Ho Chi Minh City.

So what are you waiting for? Come experience Glow Rooftop Lounge yourself and see why it’s become such a hot spot in Saigon.

Dance under the stars as DJs spin tracks into the night or cozy up with your loved ones as you take in the breathtaking views together. Either way, your visit will be unforgettable!

Social Club Rooftop Bar

Social Club Bar Best Rooftop Bar In Ho Chi Minh City

If you’re looking for a relaxed, unpretentious rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City, look no further than the Social Club Rooftop Bar. Located on top of the Hotel Des Artes, this is one of the best places to drink in the city. With a fully open-air bar and infinity pool – the highest in Saigon – it’s easy to see why.

The vibe at Social Club is just right: upbeat enough that you can rev up after a long day of sightseeing or work, but chill enough that you don’t feel like you need to dress up or be ‘on.’ Unlike some other rooftop bars near me, there’s no strict dress code here. You’ll find comfy seating areas and an overall friendly atmosphere.

But let’s talk drinks. The French-inspired craft cocktails are truly unique, with each drink inspired by a different French perfume. I highly recommend trying Mon Paris (Absolut Raspberry, fresh lime, raspberries, and cinnamon syrup) or Black Opium (Glenlivet 12 yr, Martell VSOP, Chambord, and cold brew coffee). They’re absolutely delicious!

If you’re looking for something else to do besides drinking and lounging by the pool (although really, what more could you want?), consider checking out some of the DJ nights at Social Club. It’s always fun to dance under the stars while taking in stunning views of Ho Chi Minh City from above.

Overall, if you’re searching for one of the best rooftop bars in Ho Chi Minh City with great vibes and even better drinks – look no further than Social Club Rooftop Bar!

Banana Mama Rooftop & Kitchen

Banana Mama Rooftop Kitchen Best Rooftop Bar In HCMC

Have you ever dreamt of sipping cocktails while enjoying panoramic views of Ho Chi Minh City at sunset? Look no further, Banana Mama Rooftop & Kitchen is the perfect spot for you. As a hidden gem located on the 10th floor of WMC Tower in District 1, it offers an oasis-like atmosphere that will make your heart skip a beat.

Once you step into this rooftop bar, the bohemian lounge spots and colorful cushions will immediately catch your eyes. The wooden decked terrace surrounded by greenery provides a relaxed vibe to unwind with friends or loved ones over some French-inspired bites and refreshing signature cocktails.

But what sets Banana Mama apart from other rooftop bars is its commitment to providing excellent customer service. Whether it’s helping take photography shots or recommending the best drinks to try out, their staff goes above and beyond to ensure that customers have an unforgettable experience.

To give you a better idea of what they offer, here’s a table showcasing some of their most popular dishes:

Banh Mi BurgerA fusion between Vietnamese banh mi and American burger using homemade brioche bun filled with juicy pork belly slices topped off with pickled vegetables
Grilled OctopusTender grilled octopus served with cherry tomatoes, baby potatoes and drizzled with lemon herb dressing
DIY G&TGet creative and customize your very own Gin & Tonic using various botanicals such as rosemary or lemongrass

So if you’re looking for a place where you can escape the hustle and bustle of city life, indulge in delicious food and drinks while taking stunning photos against the backdrop of Saigon skyline – then Banana Mama Rooftop & Kitchen should definitely be on your list!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Dress Code For These Rooftop Bars?

I know you’re probably wondering what the dress code is for rooftop bars in Ho Chi Minh City.

Well, let me tell you that it’s all about looking stylish and feeling comfortable at the same time. You don’t need to wear a suit or anything too fancy, but it’s always great to make an effort and look your best when enjoying cocktails with breathtaking views of the city skyline.

So go ahead, wear those trendy sneakers, throw on your favorite jeans and top, add some accessories to complete the look and get ready for a night out under the stars.

After all, traveling is all about freedom and experiencing new things – so why not do it in style?

Are These Rooftop Bars Open Year-Round Or Only During Certain Seasons?

If you’re planning a trip to Ho Chi Minh and looking for some rooftop bars to experience the city skyline, you might be wondering if these bars are open year-round or only during certain seasons.

Well, let me tell you – I’ve got good news! These rooftop bars are open all year round, so no matter what time of the year it is, you can always enjoy a drink with a view.

Imagine sipping on your favorite cocktail while watching the sun set over the bustling streets below – it’s truly an unforgettable experience that will make you feel free and alive.

So pack your bags and get ready for an adventure in one of Southeast Asia’s most vibrant cities!

Do These Rooftop Bars Have Any Special Events Or Promotions?

If you’re someone who loves rooftop bars as much as I do, then you’ll definitely want to know about the special events and promotions that some of Ho Chi Minh’s top spots have going on.

From live music performances to happy hour deals and themed party nights, there’s always something exciting happening at these places.

And if you’re lucky enough to be in town during a holiday or festival, you can expect even more festive celebrations with delicious food, drinks, and plenty of good company.

So whether you’re looking for a romantic spot for a date night or just want to catch up with friends over some drinks, don’t miss out on the fun happening at these rooftop bars!

Is There A Minimum Spend Requirement To Access These Rooftop Bars?

Okay, let me tell you something about the rooftop bars in Ho Chi Minh. You won’t believe it until you see it with your own eyes! The view from these places is absolutely breathtaking and will leave you speechless.

But here’s the thing, I know what you’re thinking – is there a minimum spend requirement to access these rooftop bars? Well, I’m happy to say that most of them don’t have one!

So go ahead and indulge yourself in some delicious drinks while taking in the stunning views of this amazing city. Trust me, it’ll be worth every penny (or dong)!

Are These Rooftop Bars Family-Friendly Or Strictly For Adults Only?

If you’re traveling to Ho Chi Minh with your family, you might be wondering if the city’s top rooftop bars are suitable for children.

Well, I did some research and found out that most of these places cater primarily to adults. While there may not be any specific rules prohibiting minors from entering, it’s important to note that the atmosphere is generally geared towards a more mature crowd.

So if you’re planning on bringing your kids along, make sure they can handle being in an environment where people are drinking and socializing late into the night.

Final Thoughts!

So there you have it, folks! My top 5 rooftop bars in Ho Chi Minh City that are sure to take your breath away.

From stunning views of the city skyline to delicious cocktails and mouth-watering cuisine, these bars offer an experience like no other.

I must say, sitting atop one of these gorgeous rooftops with a drink in hand is truly a magical experience. The twinkling lights of the city below and the cool breeze on your skin make for a perfect evening out.

Trust me when I say that visiting these bars will be an unforgettable part of your trip to Ho Chi Minh City!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to one of these rooftop paradises and indulge in some well-deserved relaxation time.

And if I may add one hyperbole: It’s like being transported to heaven itself – so don’t miss this opportunity!

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