Where to Catch the 2024 UEFA European Championship in Ho Chi Minh City

If you’re in Ho Chi Minh City during the 2024 UEFA European Championship (Euros) and concerned about missing out on the action, rest assured, you’re in the right place. Football fever runs high in Vietnam, and the city comes alive with excitement during major tournaments. With a plethora of bars and cafes screening live matches, you won’t miss a moment of the action.

Timing and Atmosphere

The time difference between Vietnam (GMT+7) and Germany is about five hours ahead. This means that a match starting at 9 PM in Germany will kick off at 2 AM in Vietnam. Despite these late hours, the city’s nightlife remains vibrant, fueled by the enthusiasm of football fans. But before diving into where to watch the games, let’s explore what the UEFA European Championship is all about.

What is the UEFA European Championship?

The European Championship 2024 is one of the most prestigious football tournaments globally, capturing the hearts of millions of fans. Hosted by Germany, this event is highly anticipated for its showcase of top-tier teams and players. Here’s a closer look at what makes the Euros so special.

Brief History

The European Championship, commonly known as the Euros, started in 1960. Over the years, it has grown into a monumental event in the football calendar, delivering unforgettable moments and legendary performances. Past winners include football giants like Spain, Germany, and Italy, with Spain and Germany each securing the title three times. This tournament is not just a competition but a celebration of European football culture.

Host Nation: Germany

Host Nation Germany German National Team

Germany was chosen to host the 2024 European Championship after a competitive bidding process. Renowned for its rich football heritage and state-of-the-art facilities, Germany is set to deliver an outstanding tournament. Cities like Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg will host matches in a mix of historic venues and modern arenas. The iconic Olympiastadion in Berlin is expected to be a major highlight, potentially hosting the final.

Tournament Structure

The 2024 European Championship will feature 24 teams divided into six groups of four. Each team will play three matches in the group stage, with the top two from each group and the four best third-placed teams advancing to the knockout rounds. The tournament culminates in a final where one team will lift the coveted trophy.

Qualification Journey

Euro 2024 Qualification Final Positions

The road to the European Championship is rigorous, with teams battling it out in qualification matches. Traditional powerhouses like France, England, and Italy have shown their strength, while teams like Scotland and Finland have also made impressive strides. This qualification process sets the stage for a thrilling main event.

Top Contenders

  • France: The 2018 World Cup winners are always formidable, boasting a mix of experienced stars and young talent.
  • England: After a strong performance in the 2020 Euros and reaching the World Cup semi-finals in 2018, England is eager for their first European Championship title.
  • Germany: As hosts, Germany will have the home advantage and a squad full of talent and experience.
  • Spain: Known for their tiki-taka style, Spain remains a tough competitor in major tournaments.

Underdogs to Watch

Every tournament has its surprises. Teams like Denmark, who won in 1992 against all odds, show that anything is possible. This year, keep an eye on Switzerland and Ukraine, who might pull off unexpected victories.

Star Players to Watch

The European Championship is a stage where stars are born. Look out for superstars like Kylian Mbappe, Harry Kane, and Kevin De Bruyne. Rising talents such as Jude Bellingham and Pedri could also steal the spotlight.

Key Matches and Rivalries

Football is driven by rivalries, and the Euros amplify them. Potential blockbuster games include Germany vs. England and France vs. Spain. These matches are not just games; they are battles for supremacy and pride.

Best Place to Watch the 2024 Euros in Ho Chi Minh City

Where to Catch the 2024 UEFA European Championship in Ho Chi Minh City

For the best viewing experience of the 2024 Euros in Saigon, head to Bar 22 Girl Bar. Known for its lively atmosphere, friendly crowd, and stunning bar girls, Bar 22 is a favorite among expats and tourists.

Why Bar 22?

The bar features multiple large screens, ensuring you won’t miss a single goal or crucial moment. Open until late, Bar 22 is not a pretentious place where you have to be cautious about celebrating. You can cheer loudly with fellow fans as your team scores an injury-time winner. The camaraderie, lively discussions, and overall atmosphere make it an unforgettable experience!

So, whether you’re a hardcore football fan or just looking to soak in the excitement, Bar 22 Girl Bar in Saigon is the place to be during the 2024 UEFA European Championship.

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